It was getting close to 3 a.m. EST when I heard this on the gweth. It was just too funny to let it be completely forgotten. There's a moral to this story, kiddies...maybe more than one...but the one that comes to mind at the moment is "Remember coins have weight!"

[Murtine] "question, novice with 140000 coppers, no violence area, debt, fell, cant give, tip, or drop coin, cant die, and even Gurt couldnt drag, anyone else got suggestions for this chap? takes him 381 Roisaens to try to stand and fails"
[Philomenta] "Steal it all from em?"
[Poshly] "Heh...that sounds fun."
>think hahahahaha...
[Murtine] "cant steal on platform"
[Sportain] "Murtine where is he at again?"
[Tyygra] "cant ssteal from a novice"
[Marton] "yep.... it'll take a while though..."
[Rehoboam] "courage to lighten?"
[Murtine] "north side platform of gondola"
[Murtine] "tried courage"
[Sportain] "just drop the coin"
[Ryoji] "Ice patch?"
[Poshly] "He can't drop them."
[Smegul] "he's a novice, so he cant drop coins"
[Marton] "teach him until he's not a novice then steal it all?"
[Murtine] "no violence room, cant cast, cant tackle"
[Zyler] "can he not give it away, with that much on him... he's surly got no debt"
[Smegul] "glyph of ease!"
[Tyygra] "mebbe drag him through a gate?"
[Poshly] "Smegul may have found it's one use!"
[Murtine] "he's got a 70 copper debt he 'says' he forgot about"
[Grungy] "wash him through a gate"
[Ryoji] "Let him rot cause he's a dummy?"
[Purreliss] "drag him to a stealing room, then steal?"
[Blazzon] "Get a barb with lotsa strength and Dragon?"
[Murtine] "even Gurt couldnt drag him"
[Blazzon] "Did he dance?"
[Marton] "kill him and tell him he has to depart? tragic about the coins though"
[Murtine] "yes he danced, cant kill him, well, poison maybe aha...theres a thought"
[Tykyra] "have ya talked to a god about it yet?"
[Sarlock] "Could try a paladin with an insane amount of PM to cast Heroic Strength and drag"
[Tyygra] "if its a non violent room wont work"
[Teille] "set up a trader table on the platform and force him to buy lots?"
[Murtine] "he was told to 'learn from it'"
[Kerianna] "I believe that RS might be an option. At least to get him from one point to another."
[Tollanthas] "thats just too funny!"
[Gemrardi] "Barter?"
[Grungy] "cant fire rain affect multiple rooms"
[Murtine] "cant barter"
[Tyygra] "tell him to lay down and have a caravan roll over him "
[Fleuryn] "Barbarian Roar from the other room!"
[Zyler] "do something to barter for him.. get the coin?"
[Emeria] "::dryly The 'gods' are SO helpful sometimes... learn from it indeed... ::sighs disgustedly::"
[Blazzon] "Get a barb to use Troth...blow his head up?"
[Sarlock] "Or kill him and try glyph of ease to drag him, then raise him"
[Tierdtiki] "Can ya tie em to a caravan?"
[Purreliss] "where's is this poor chap?"
[Tyygra] "wheres Idora lol"
[Murtine] "well he is waiting for a bigger god, so dont throw stones yet"
[Murtine] "cant kill him"
[Marton] "you can swarm someone in a nearby room, have them go in and then... hmmm... that'd mean they have to die too"
[Sarlock] "Caravans can run over anyone, if they're lying in the road...I think at least"
[Marton] "run him over multiple times?"
[Darond] "no swarm them, have them walk in the room and cast sphere of protection on them"
[Amzari] "shoot him in the eyeball"
[Tollanthas] "give him a couple goblin box's and a lockpick, the rest should follow suit. :)"
[Tyygra] "yep then caravan the way to go"
[Fleuryn] "wheres Idora when you need her?"
[Murtine] "thank you to someone standin here that said try SHARE, he's now up"
[Gemrardi] "Good to see we figured that the gweth brains figured it out... "
[Grungy] "bah, should kill him when he walks out for fun anyway"
[Marton] "well that's what he gets for trying to carry a ton and a half of copper"