Using Your Communes and other Clerical Abilities

Communes are blessings granted by the gods to give you a certain ability or a temporary bonus to certain skills or abilities. Each time you use a commune ability, you lose some devotion. Certain communes cost more devotion than others.

Communes are granted to you upon completion of relevant quests. The guild leader will tell you what you need to do. I am not going to even give you hints on how to solve each quest. The guild leader tells you plenty. Pay attention the first time you are told about your quest. Make a note of all that is said. You will not be able to advance in your guild until you complete your commune quests.

Quests for non-commune, clerical abilities/spells such as Infusion, Resurrection and Murrula's Flames do not have to be completed if you choose not to go. You will still be able to circle.

I or many cleric brethren will gladly help you out in the game if you have any problems. The important thing is that you try to figure it out yourself first.

Your status in the guild affects the length and effectiveness of your communes. There is a short timer before you can activate your next commune after you have activated one already.

Tamsine's Blessing
- 2nd Circle Quest.
- Gives a temporary offensive bonus in combat.
- Sprinkle holy water on person, then commune.
- Applicable to self and others.
Comment: Definitely a useful commune if you go into hunting areas or situations where you feel you will need an extra push to back you up. It feels useless when you're still young though. Better when you're older.

Eluned's Blessing
- 3rd Circle Quest.
- Gives a temporary defensive bonus in combat.
- Light incense, wave the lit stick of incense at person, then commune.
- Applicable to self and others.
Comment: Just like Tamsine's Blessing, it is a useful commune. Not among my most used communes, but only because my hunting style does not normally require a need for a boost. Make no mistake, these first two communes are good to use. Just doesn't seem to be very useful when you're younger.

Kertigen's Blessing
- 8th Circle Quest.
- Makes the weapon blessed for a certain amount of strikes.
- Sprinkle holy oil on the weapon, then commune.
Comment: It supposedly gives extra strikes than normally possible with your skill. It does give more strikes for me, but with the devotion cost, I'd rather use my regular ole bless spell. The introduction of Rings of Blessing makes Kertigen's Blessing even less appealing for me.

Hodierna's Blessing
- 12th Circle Quest.
- Prevents vitality loss.
- Sprinkle holy water on yourself, sprinkle holy oil on yourself, then commune.
- Applicable only to self.
Comment: This is a lifesaver! If you are all beat up, bleeding in various spots and need to buy some extra time to find an empath, this is the way to go.

Eluned's Gift
- 15th Circle Quest.
- Makes you less fatiqued while swimming.
- You need crushed fish and two other ingredients to make a balm. (Hint: Use basic alchemy information, and substitute one ingredient to signify that this is a holy creation.)
- Rub the balm on yourself, then commune.
- Applicable only to self.
Comment: It helps to reduce fatigue...but it only seems to affect your fatigue while swimming. It does not appear to affect any other activities that cause fatigue.

Meraud's Blessing
- 20th Circle Quest
- Temporarily boosts the holy mana in the area.
- Also makes the area temporarily consecrated. No steal area too. Prevents creatures from entering the area. (Does NOT stop creatures from generating in that area though)
- Sprinkle holy oil and wave lit incense on yourself, then commune.
Comment: Love this spell. I created an emergency spot during an invasion. Helped me deal with some dead, without being overwhelmed by sheer numbers that you have to deal with in the guild and other established triages.

- 25th Circle min. with additional undisclosed requirements. Can circle without completing the quest.
- Costs NO devotion loss.
- Boosts certain clerical spells so that it has more power, or something. Or more seriously, adds mana to certain held mana spells to make them stronger (Thanks, Liurilias!)
- IS NOT a commune or a spell. It's a clerical ability designed to work with your spells.
Comment: Well, the quest goes down as one of my favorite all-time cleric quests. You'd need a very healthy understanding of the Immortals, or a good cheat sheet. ;) Infuse + SOL = you can get up to Impressive protection for your shield! Infuse + Centering = not worth it. Your balance goes above solidly balanced for a few seconds. Then it goes back down again. Pfft.
Infuse is also needed for resurrection. Type INFUSE or INFUSE HELP for more information on how to use this ability.

This is a spell. You can read about it in the Divine Intervention spells page.

Glythtide's Blessing
- 35th Circle Quest
- Creates a Saemaus' Kiss (bond) or Be'ort's Tear (separation) rose.
- Kiss rose: You'll need rose attar made from holy oil, a catalyst and rose pulp (petals found in quest area). Sprinkle attar on rose and commune.
- Tear rose: You need a sprig of rue (found in quest area) which needs to be burnt to ashes. Sprinkle on rose and commune.
Comment: It does exactly what it needs to do. Bond and separate. Items picked in the quest area have a timer. Can only pick each item type once every 2 hours spent in the game. If you log off and come back in 2 hours, it's not going to count.