You're Dead! What Now?

Hope you died someplace where you can get help or can be dragged to where aid can be obtained. :)

As a cleric, I am often faced with corpses. For the young (and sometimes the old), death can be very confusing. So I've decided to put down some thoughts and some important advice regarding death, favors, resurrection and departing.

The moment you die, you can sense how much time you have before your body decays. There is messaging that tells you; make sure you look at how many minutes you have left, and keep track. Once your decay time is over, you automatically depart.

Soul Bond can be cast on the body to temporarily stop the body from decaying. (In the past, Spirit Healing was a spell that would restore lost spirit and thus restore decay time. Spell's gone now.) The use of Vigil can restore the corpse's... err.. freshness in stages so that the decay time is lengthened.

The moment you die, a small amount of memories (ranks) are lost (I think you lose approximately 2 ranks total at the moment of death). What those lost memories affect specifically varies with regard to skill ranks. All your field experience (skills that haven't been added to your set ranks yet) will vanish at the moment of death.

The longer you stay dead, the more memories you lose. I do not know the exact rate of memory loss decay. I'm not experimenting! You can, if you want, and let me know *wink*

Memories can be restored by clerics using Rejuvenation. As a corpse, you will sense that your memories are FULLY protected, or, after your mems is already restored, you will know that you have additional protection to your fragile memories. (Add to your highlight: You feel a sense of security as the spell lends its protection to your fragile memories.) If you're a live friend of that corpse, you will see that when the cleric casts rejuvenation, a SILVER glow will surround the corpse signaling full restoration of memories and additional protection.
(Thanks to Heroiklim for checking his logs, to Faragin and Mitsuku for confirming the messaging info)

Trying To Get Help When You're Dead?
I hope you have favors. You need some in order to depart and live, or get resurrected.

Getting help is not always a simple matter. Your behavior as a corpse can be a deciding factor on whether you get help or not. Every cleric has his/her own preferences on how corpses should behave. I will state my opinion on this.

1. Always be Polite.
- It is very simple, really. If you want to live, do not mouth off to the people who could be helping you. If you see another cleric behaving in a way you do not think is appropriate...SHUT UP. It is not in your place to assume that you know what a cleric should be like especially when you're dead. Just as there are light, dark and neutral aspects of the Gods, all clerics also follow different ideals when serving the Gods. (Of course there will be some lousy cleric players as well. But it still doesn't mean you should feel at liberty to harangue them while dead.)

2. Pay Attention
- It is very annoying to deal with a corpse who is zombified (afk). A good corpse is one who pays attention to his/her surroundings and responds when spoken to by people who are giving aid. Going off to cook dinner, or playing another character on another account is not acceptable. If you're not going to pay attention, log off and return when you are prepared to do so.

3. Talking Too Much Will Get You in Trouble
- Do not feel that you need to speak every few seconds to demand aid. While you should display signs that you are still consciously aware of your surroundings, most clerics will find corpses who talk incessantly annoying, and will most likely stop helping you. We know you're dead. You don't have to remind us every 10 seconds. If you are a stickler for Roleplay and refuse to talk at all, you may try to whisper to whoever's checking your status to let them know you're not an afk deader.

4. You're Dead, Act Like It
- There is nothing more idiotic than a corpse who says "[Hugs!!!]", "[Giggles]", "[Tickles you!!!!!]", and other such OOC actions. You're DEAD. You cannot hug, tickle or smooch people when you're dead. If you feel you must [giggle], be logical and say "heehee" or something more realistic. Using "chat" terms is Out of Character. At least try to pretend that you know how to roleplay.

5. Be Appreciative
- Remember to take the time to politely thank the people who help you. This is tied in with paying attention. Remember that the people who help you are NOT necessarily only the raising cleric and the empath(s) who healed your body. There are often other clerics who restored your memories, or bards with enchantes, draggers...and others who may have aided you in other ways.

Sometimes getting resurrected is not possible. You have another option: departing. I've done this on many occasions. It is NOT as scary as it sounds if you know how to take precautions, and understand what you're doing.

If you DEPART after you die, the gods take one of your favors in exchange for your life. You will end up in the nearest temple...usually. (NOTE: You will lose all coins in your pocket when you depart)

When you depart, you will leave behind a grave which contains all your items. This leaves your grave vulnerable to graverobbers....Hurry back to the grave and [DIG GRAVE]. Grab all your items before a graverobber tries to.

Another option to prevent graverobbing is a Glyph of Warding...a paladin casts it on your body and it will protect your items for a limited amount of time. You should hurry back to your grave and [TAP WARD]. How long the glyph lasts depends on the status of the paladin. The more experienced he/she is, the longer the glyph will last.

If you do not get back to your glyphed grave in time, your items will fall out of the grave...and anyone can pick them up.

Advice for Departing
  • Make sure you know where you will end up when you depart and how to get back to your grave. It is NOT the time to be exploring.
  • If you depart, try to have trusted friends or people to watch your grave. Or be willing to accept the consequences.

  • Do not depart in a busy area without having a paladin glyph your grave for a reasonable amount of time.
  • Find out how long your glyph will last...unless you are certain you can get back to your grave fast.
  • Ask for a cleric to check your memories before obtaining a glyph.

  • If you feel you cannot get help, depart right away...rather than wait hours for nothing. A lot of memories can be lost that way.
  • Do not depart in a busy hunting area. Some people have Walked trying to get back to their grave over...and over and over.