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Sorenne's Services for Couples
The Kiss Rose and Marriage
The Tear Rose and Divorce

You need to find a cleric who is at least 35th circle to make these special roses. Making these roses take time and cost a cleric devotion (especially for the Be'ort Tear Rose). It can be very difficult to find the services of a suitable cleric for these ceremonies.

Some clerics charge for making the roses. Prices vary. However, not all clerics demand payment for making these roses, so it is possible to find a cleric who will make you a rose for nothing. It is still a nice gesture to offer a tip after the ceremony if you want to.

I offer union and separation services to any couple.

I merely give rough details about the roses, and some information that is not talked about in other websites. More detailed information about unions and separations, including tips for ceremonies, can be found at The Wolf's Den.

Mother Sorenne's Services For Couples
Since it is often difficult to find a cleric in game who is willing to make the roses or perform the necessary ceremony, I am more than willing to offer my services.

Let me start by saying I charge a base price of 5 plat for each of my roses. If you dislike my pricing, then you are free to seek elsewhere for your roses. No ill-will either way.

As I say to all my customers, my services are what I recommend as a last resort option for those people who do not earn much. There are always clerics who will be willing to help you at no significant cost to yourselves.

You will have to seek me out in-game, as I do not like being pestered on AIM, and I rarely check my emails.

Note: Prices may increase if requirements are not met.

Basic Kiss Rose Package
The Couple must undergo an in-game interview with me. If I am satisfied with the consultation, I will consent to make the rose for the couple. If dissatisfied, I may refuse or I may charge more for the making of the rose.

Assuming that the interview was successful, a small informal rose-making ceremony will commence. The rose is then given to the couple and the transaction is completed. If you wish a quick on-the-spot wedding ceremony immediately following the rose-making ceremony, I will be happy to perform a short ceremony with a small gathering of your friends and family.

Expanded Kiss Rose Package
I also do wedding services for those seeking a more formalized union. Again, the couple must first undergo an interview with me, with the same requirements.

I do not charge extra for a formal wedding ceremony, but the couple is responsible for the smooth running of their own wedding, including reception. As my time is often uncertain, I am usually unwilling to perform wedding services. I will, however, be glad to serve as a backup cleric for the wedding.

Tear Rose Package
No interview. Payment will be expected up front upon agreement. Some questions may be asked to help with the ceremony, but no personal details will be expected.

The couple, or the partner seeking the severing of the union, is responsible for getting the Scission blade which can be found outside the Dirge Temple in a tent.

Saemaus Kiss Rose
So you're in love and want to get married? Congratulations!

There is a way in Elanthia to get your union strengthened with the blessing of the Gods. This is by using a Saemaus Kiss Rose. When two people kiss the one rose, they are then joined together for better or for worse.

It is not necessary for a cleric to be present for the actual bonding ceremony. How a couple chooses to begin their union of hearts depends entirely on them. Some prefer to elope, some prefer a formal ceremony complete with a decorated chapel, and yet others prefer informal, unique ceremonies.

Bonding with the Kiss rose will result in the couple having more intimate messagings for 19 commonly used verbs, and give them 1 new verb (FOCUS) which allows both partners to locate each other.

Be'ort Tear Rose
Marriages do not always work out. A separated couple will need to seek the aid of a cleric to officially sever their union.

First of all, the couple needs to buy just one crystal Scission blade for their separation. It has to be purchased DIRECTLY from the store by one partner. It will be useless bought secondhand from someone else. The price of the blade varies depending on your circle. The higher status you have in the guild, and the number of past marriages you have had will affect how much you have to pay for the blade; I believe it starts around 4-5 plat kronars and goes up from there. The places where these blades can be purchased: a tent at the temple in Dirge, as well as a tent(?) in the Bazaar on Ratha.

The couple need not be together in the game to sever the bond. If both partners are logged into the game when the ceremony is conducted, the bond is completely severed.

However, if one partner is not in the game when the bond is severed, that partner will still have their bond. That bond will be incomplete, and he/she will probably get a sense of desolation (or something like that) when they try to focus on their former partner.

When the bond is severed, the partner(s) present will suffer an internal chest bleeder. It may be a good idea to have an empath nearby, or some ithor potion handy.