Guide to Gwethdesuans

Gweths allow thoughts to be transmitted and received throughout your surrounding area in Elanthia (There appears to be border issues as well related to the transmission of thoughts). This is a way for you to communicate with people who aren't in the same room as you are.

They are worn on the heads and have limited charges (which appear to vary). Once you run out of charges, the gweths will break and become broken chains (which you can FIX and get some mech lore experience). You will then need to obtain new gweths so that you may continue to communicate with the people around your area.

There are two gweth channels through which you can communicate on. If you have gweths for one channel, you will not be able to listen to or send thoughts to the other channel. You will need gweths for both channels in order to send and receive thoughts to both.

Gwethdesuans consist of 4 common (lantholite, sjatmal, lasmodi, waermodi) and 2 preferred (jadeite, kyanite) types of gweths. When a gweth is activated, you will be able to tell what channel your gweth is communicating with:

A cacophony of foreign thoughts joins your own.
A chorus of foreign thoughts joins your own.

When the gweths run out of a charge, or is deactivated, you will sense something along the lines of:

A cacophony of foreign thoughts fades from your mind.
A chorus of foreign thoughts fades from your mind.

* Common gwethdesuans are very rarely found as most people prefer to buy jadeite and kyanite gwethdesuans.

Gwethdesuan Channels and Properties
ChannelTypeThought TransmissionDurationRange
CacophanyWaermodiReceive onlyLongShort
ChorusLasmodiReceive onlyLongLong
* - As long as unusual circumstances (dying, accidental removal..etc) do not cause the gweth to cease working

How Do I Find a Gweth?

You can buy gweths from traders or moonmages (who make these items). There is a risk of a gweth shattering before all charges are used up.

How Do I Use a Gweth?
WEAR the gwethdesuan, and activate it by TOUCHing it. Jadeite and Kyanite gweths automatically activate when you wear them.

Once you activate your gweths, you should be able to hear thoughts. In order to transmit your thoughts, you THINK your message, and you can be heard by others.

In transmitting thoughts to others, you are limited to how much you can say based on your abilities. The more experience and specific stats you gain, the easier it will be to transmit longer thoughts at a faster rate. In each thought message, short sentences are best. 

Feeling fatigued as you transmit your thoughts is a sign that your mind will eventually be unable to send thoughts. Basically, you will just need to rest for awhile.

If you die, you automatically lose a charge. The gweths can be reactivated by TOUCH. (In the case of the rare jadeite and kyanite gweths: if you DEPART, these gweths are normally activated simply by wearing them.) Personal or forced removal of gweths from your person will cause you to lose a charge. So try not to get arrested or remove the wrong gweths.. *wink*

Can I Wear All the Gweths at Once?
You can wear the lasmodi, waermodi, sjatmal and lantholite gweths with no problem. However, the jadeite and kyanite gweths should not be worn with the other gweths of the same channel as it will cause these gweths to cease working and you will lose a charge.

Why Do I Get Messaging that I Can't Think To Anyone When I try to Gweth?
(Thank you WW for the question, and Dashery and Poshly for the answers on the Gweth Board) If you get the messaging: "You are not able to think to anyone at the moment", this means that you are most likely beginning the sentence with a preposition such as to, at, or with.

Due to some intermingling of gweth-like abilities involving the THINK TO/AT/WITH verb for the albredine crystal rings, certain words are used to direct thoughts to a specific person and the system will automatically default to that purpose. So, when you gweth, the first word in your gweth sentence should not begin with AT/TO/WITH. You can put an apostrophe ' or quotation mark " if you really want to start with those prepositions.

Failed gwething in this method will still use up your concentration, so you won't be able to gweth correctly again immediately after.

Jadeite and Kyanite Special Properties
Do not wear other gweths of the same channel if you have one or both of the jadeite and kyanite gweths. E.g. if you are wearing a jadeite gweth, do not wear lantholite. Since jadeite and kyanite are both receivers and transmitters of thoughts, there's no need to wear other gweths of the same channel,

Caution: You should NOT wear the common gweths of a different channel with a jadeite/kyanite gweth. Basically, when sjatmal/lantholite stop working, jadeite/kyanite stop working too. This occurrence does not *seem* to use up a charge as simply removing the common gweths will automatically allow the rare gweths to work again. :)

Gwethdesuans Up-Close
You can [FOCUS] on your gweths. You will see something like this:

The [type] gwethdesuan has a definite magical pattern, which apparently is an enchanted item.
You recognize the pattern as a manifestation of Lunar magic.
It seems to involve Psychic Projection and appears to enhance thought projection.
The [type] gwethdesuan will allow you to [send/receive/both send and receive] thoughts a [short/decent] distance.
It has [number] charges, but is so fragile it may break well before those are used up.

Range is basically how far your and other people's thoughts can be heard. Chorus gweths have longer range than cacophany gweths. Thus you can probably hear thoughts from further away....unless there's a barrier.

What do I mean by barrier? In certain spots, there appears to be a thought barrier between one province and another. So if you're standing one room away from your friend, any thoughts you send won't be heard by that friend. It's odd. :) Hunting grounds are just as odd. I have yet to figure out which thought areas certain spots cover.

This page was created since I noticed a lot of misinformation regarding gwethdesuan usage, and decided to present my own personal findings. Should any discrepencies be found in the information given, please inform me as soon as you can. Thanks. This is a work in progress. As with all research, it takes time to get everything right. :)

A very big thank you to Sarambor, Delgareth, Ryeka, Laelia, Meanne, Asteral, Toulom and various other people who helped me to confirm or dispel myths about a number of gwethdesuan tidbits. :)

Updated: Feb 6th, 2005