Information at Your Fingertips

DragonRealms - The official web site.

Ranik's Maps - My favorite map site a la Sablina style. This mapper has done a great job updating the maps of Elanthia as well as creating new ones after Sablina left.

The Shopping Catalog - The shopping catalogue under new management. I don't have time to maintain that site anymore. Referenced by province and by categories.

Crossroads of Elanthia - Another very well-maintained site. Information about practically everything and then some!

Kythryn's Journal - An excellent website with interests in herbology and alchemy. Well-maintained flower list and maps with mana info.

Verb Realm - While it's a bit confusing to navigate through it, it has a LOT of information on the verbs available in game. :)

Taffei's Journal - A fun perspective on life as a halfling cleric. This is a friend's site which I highly recommend for those who enjoy good stories. Contains maps and other pertinent information as well.

Sarilya's Outpost - Sarilya has a wonderful compilation of Festivals and the things found there. :) One of my favorite sources of information.

Dragonrealms Future Past - Quite confusing to navigate at first, but once you figure it out, it's a great site to find out information about past fests and other related information.

GameMaster Tvini - Her website has very useful information about DR weddings.

The Wolf Den - A comprehensive website about practically everything about Elanthia. One of the better websites I've seen so far. Decent info about guilds and other matters. Information is somewhat outdated though.

Cattriona's GemStone III Library - Yes, this is a Gemstone 3 site, but it is one of the BEST informational pages about alterations. (Bear in mind that some of the materials and styles allowed in Gemstone may not be suitable or acceptable in DragonRealms.)

Rayth's Court - I rather like this web site. It's good for roleplaying information pertaining to nobility and court behavior. :)

ArtheDale.Com - A decent site about halflings and stuff, but the main attraction for me is Soim's stats and miscellaneous info on the Olvi link. Tips for Sources
I always highly recommend players to explore in-game sources for information. Take the effort to find out things. You'll be surprised at what you can learn, and what you can use to enrich your roleplaying.

  • Explore the Libraries in Elanthia. (use maps to find out where the local library is)
  • Read In Game Documentation, e.g. type HELP

Other Sites

Esorie's Gallery - My Art Page from my very FIRST website ever. Created when I was an addicted chat site chatter. (The first thing I did when I got online was log into a popular chat site [at the time]....I've moved on to other things..but my first web site (however hoakey it is) still holds fond memories for me) I kinda don't want to lose my page, so I'm keeping it alive here. Visit it once in awhile so it still lives on? :) Thanks.