Life as a S'kra Mur

First, let me just state that I am not forcing anyone to roleplay a certain type of S'kra Mur. Whether you choose to be a traditional S'kra or one that's completely different, that is a decision for you to make. These are merely a collection of notes that I have compiled in my search to learn what it means to be S'kra Mur.

When I first started playing a S'kra, I had a lot of trouble locating official documentation. Often the information I found was player-created, which is not bad, but sometimes it may not be supported by official S'kra Mur documents.

All I am offering are some official (at the time of this writing) documentation about S'kra Mur. From IG library books to posts by the S'kra Mur Race GMs.... From there, it is up to you to decide what will suit you. Bear in mind, there are some information presented here that I strongly disagree with, but will present due to its "authoritative" nature.

With regards to IG library books, it should be noted that the books could be subjective in nature rather than conclusive. :)