Cambrinths in Elanthia

I've decided to make a list of available cambrinths in Elanthia. These are permanent store items and should be around for awhile unless the GMs decide to change the stock. Since fests and similar events happen infrequently, I've decided not to list cambrinth items from fest tents. This list is to help you decide on what to purchase, and there's little to no risk that by the time you have the money, it will be gone. (except on the rare occasions that GMs decide to change stock)

Accessible to:
Cleric Guild only
Paladin Guild only
Moonmage Guild only
Citizen only

Riverhaven Artificier (Lirums)
  • a cambrinth orb - 11000
  • a cambrinth ring - 3300
Near Shard, Fortress by Gargs (Dokoras)
  • a twisted cambrinth armband - 1804
Ratha House of Majik (Lirums)
  • a cambrinth ring (?) - 3000
  • a teardrop cambrinth pendant - 3300
  • a dainty cambrinth waterlily - 70000
  • a fragile cambrinth rose - 73000
  • a delicate cambrinth leaf - 68000
  • a ruby-eyed cambrinth skull - 70400
  • a skeletal cambrinth hand - 71000
(Note: Cleric shop backroom items have changed (not rotating) stock a few times, past cleric shop items are currently out of stock. Current stock is accurate when noted on Dec. 18, 2001.)
Crossing Cleric Shop backroom (Kronars)
  • a delicate cambrinth hairpin graced with a tiny enameled shrew - 3125
  • a miniature cambrinth owl perched upon a sculpted ebony branch - 25000
  • a domed cambrinth ring inlaid with a sleek obsidian wolf at rest - 3125
  • a cambrinth wristcuff inlaid with the black onyx silhouette of a ruby-eyed wolf - 62500
Riverhaven Cleric Shop backroom (Lirums)
  • a cambrinth centaur painted along its back with crude battle markings - 25000
  • a wolverine-stamped cambrinth medallion attached to a leather headband - 25000
  • a cambrinth neckband wrapped with leather strips burned with charging boars - 40000
Crossing Paladin Shop - already Holy charged (Kronars)
  • a silver ring inlaid with a tiny cambrinth goshawk - 18750
  • a gold-inlaid cambrinth ring molded into the form of a broken shield - 18750
  • a bronzed cambrinth pendant engraved with a detailed image of a goshawk - 37500
  • a braided silver and gold ring set with a sleeping cambrinth lioness - 34500
  • a platinum anklet with dangling cambrinth hound charms - 412500
Fortune's Path (Lirums)
  • a cambrinth armband with silver filigree tracery and cabochon gemstone moons - 7000
Celestial Compact (Kronars)
  • a cambrinth ring emblazoned with a glistening star set with a dark sapphire - 23050

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