Magical Devices and Similar Items

Some items found in Elanthia could be magical items which contain spells or have some enchanted ability for limited uses. I've listed what I've found so far.

Runestones: These magical items contain spells. They often come in basic form (runestones) or are embedded in jewelry or similar accessories.
Other Magical Devices: These are items that don't necessarily seem to have runestones used, but still contain spells. Most of these items are sold by special merchants or found as prizes for quests.
Enchanted items: These items don't contain known spells but affect you in some way (for example: regaining harness, reducing fatigue, or temporary bonus stats) There are far too many items to list, especially when moonmages are also able to make enchanted items.

(Note: Because of magical revamps, some runes or wands may no longer be available or in use. This is more for general knowledge.)

Elemental Runes

  • Calavarite - Arc Light
  • Hafaltu - Multiple Ethereal Shields
  • Ilmenite - Lightning Bolt
  • Imnera - Zephyr
  • Lemicule - Air Bubble
  • Rhodonite - Fire Shard
  • Scheelite - Fireball
  • Selenite - Frostbite
  • Zengalmi - Gar Zeng
Lunar Runes
  • Avaes - Clear Vision
  • Axinite - Mental Blast
  • Azurite - Shadows
  • Celestite - Refractive Field
  • Iheaneu'a - Psychic Shield
  • Xibaryl - Hypnotize
Life Runes
  • Asketine - Compost
  • Elbaite - Sphere of Protection
Holy Runes
  • Erithydite - Rejuvenation
  • Indakar - Protection from Evil
  • Sraeth - Soul Bond
Other Magical Items (Work in Progress - Contributions welcome)
  • a heavy bronze armband shaped like a massive kraken - (Elemental) Air Bubble
  • a blue-green malachite wand tipped with a tiny glass bubble -(Elemental) Air Bubble
  • a carved amber wand tipped with a tiny crystal lark - (Elemental) Zephyr
  • a heavy gold torque shaped like a ruby-eyed king snake eating its tail - (Elemental) Earth Sense

  • a smokey-blue brocade cloak embroidered with faint silvery cobwebs - (Lunar) Refractive Field
  • a polished ash wand tipped with an opalescent crystal eye - (Lunar) Clear Vision
  • a gold-flecked onyx wand tipped with a roughly cut crystal (Lunar) Shadows
  • a pale green crystal lens - (Lunar) Dazzle
  • a pale blue crystal lens - (Lunar) Clear Vision
  • a smoky jade armband etched with the image of shadowy cats - (Lunar) Shadows

  • Bone Elf Shaman's Rattle - (Holy) Persistence of Memory (or it used to be)

  • a smokey-blue brocade tunic embroidered with faint silvery cobwebs - (Life) Harawep's Bond
  • a wide-brimmed straw beekeeper's hat with a shimmering net veil - (Life) Sphere of Protection
  • an octagonal citrine wand tipped with a glittering glass sphere - (Life) Sphere of protection
  • a cobalt blue wand tipped with a tiny glass bucket - (Life) Compost
  • a circlet of delicate silver doves on a wreath of malachite laurel leaves - (Life) Guardian Spirit
  • a delicate platinum circlet inlaid with golden filigree and set with a single star sapphire - (Life) Blood Staunch
Thanks to Mutiara and Sarilya for providing information for many items under "Other Magical Items".

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