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Our magic is based on the holy powers of the Gods. Holy magic is granted to us through our faith and devotion to the Immortals. With good power perception, a strong bond with the gods, and a little bit of skilled mana management, you should be able to handle yourself relatively well with clerical magic.

By the way, our devotion level affects some of the spells that we use. Therefore, it is usually a good idea to keep a high level of devotion at all times.

Magic Today

A lot of changes has happened since the big magic overhaul in 2002. Quite a number of concepts had to be thrown out the window. Among them are (my favorite) the use of cambrinths to attempt to add mana beyond beyond your normal capacity without backfiring, and the almost static results with casting at specific skill levels.

Feb 4, 2005 - Many cleric spells are going under review. Changes may occur later on. Have attempted to present an accurate view of current spells from my POV.

Cambrinth Usage & Backfiring

It is important to note that backfire may cause nerve damage. This is an internal injury that in minor form will be invisible to the naked eye. It could be argued that the severity of the nerve damage will depend on how badly you backfire. I haven't yet seen any instances where one backfire resulting in nerve damage hurt me enough that I could see it.

You will know if you have received nerve damage when you start to feel a tingle after you backfire. Remember: there is a chance of backfiring even if you use a cambrinth (in the past it was unlikely...but that no longer holds true).

Magic Casting Results

Also, the duration and power of a spell can have random results even with the same prep used. The variability involved in the outcome of spell casting does not seem to diminish with higher skill. However, it is possible that the variability will diminish somewhat with more skill, but never completely go away. :)

Many thanks must go to the people involved in research and the sharing of info. It is through their efforts that I manage to find even half the info that I can write up here. Thank you Smegul, Geoffin, Lagerby, Sarambor, Deagol, Janyl, Dontewain, Gheist, Falhara, Liurilias, other people I have discussed magic with in the cleric guild, the people who have helped me in my rare experimentation/testing activities, and of course, the players who post on the cleric guild message boards!

I feel compelled to make a special note here. I want to reitirate my thanks to two very special friends who have patiently walked me through every step in understanding magic. They, are instrumental in making my shaky understanding of this complex system a little less shaky. Without them, I don't think I would have been able to give you half the information I have here. Thank you to my very special magic system mentors: Sarambor and Smegul.

Spell Books

I have included some comments and informational snippets for as many spells that I can. Some of these spells may contain information that could be considered spoilers. Enter at your Own Risk of Experimental Enjoyment. No guarantees of 100% accuracy. :)

This is meant to be used as a supplement to the Official DragonRealms Clerical Spells List, customized spellbooks and the Guild Leaders' explanation of each spell in the game.

I have left the old clerical spell list up in case you are curious to know what life was like before magic 2.0.

Holy Defense
  • Protection From Evil
  • Minor Physical Protection
  • Benediction
  • Major Physical Protection
  • Confound Enemies
  • Halo
Spirit Manipulation
  • Rejuvenation
  • Vigil
  • Soul Bonding
  • Centering
Holy Enchantments
  • Bless
  • Harm Evil
  • Uncurse
  • Divine Radiance
  • Osrel Meraud
  • Malediction
  • Shield of Light
  • Curse of Zachriedek
  • Persistence of Mana
  • Hand of Tenemlor
Divine Intervention
  • Aesrela Everild
  • Revelation
  • Huldah's Pall
  • Glythtide's Gift
  • Resurrection
  • Murrula's Flames

    Also read about Infuse in the Clerical Abilities section.

Explanation of some magic terms used

Stackable: Repeated casting of the same spell will add to the duration of the spell, instead of simply replacing it. (If not mentioned, assume this to mean that the spell in question is not stackable)
Held mana: This spell is cast by harnessing, and holding/maintaining the mana.

Spell Effectiveness

As with many spells, you most likely will not see significant benefits until you're long past 20th circle. A few won't even take noticeable effect until you're past 40th! Do not despair though, it is not completely hopeless for young clerics... just mostly hopeless (just kidding!)

I strongly advise researching spells (beside what I consider the absolute basic spells) before choosing to sacrifice a spell slot. If a spell has a minimum circle requirement, it would not be unreasonable to wait until well past that circle to get that spell. IE, if 20th is the minimum, then it'll probably be best to wait until you're around 30th.... But that's just my opinion! :)

When deciding on a spell, it is usually best to exhaustively research your options. Some questions you can ask yourself and others:
  • What does this spell do?
  • Does it really do what you think it's supposed to do?
  • What are the side-effects, additional benefits and costs to this spell?
  • Do you have the skill necessary to effectively use this spell?
  • Would the spell complement your playing style?
Spell slots are too precious to waste on frivolous choices... even if you reach a point where there seems like no more useful spells are available. What do you think game development means anyway?? :)

Mana Levels

  • vague

  • hazy

  • dimly flickering

  • flickering

  • shimmering

  • slowly pulsating

  • pulsating

  • quickly pulsating

  • faintly glowing

  • glowing

  • powerfully glowing

  • softly shining

  • shining

  • luminous

  • brilliant

  • flaring

  • burning

  • brightly burning

  • blazing

  • blinding

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Sorenne's Absolutely Necessary Spells

I have had some young clerics come up to me asking what are the spells they should get. Often with different clerics, you will get different answers. There are many spells that I would not live without, but others disagree. However, below are the spells that I consider a definite must-have. While there are plenty more spells that I would recommend, these are the ones that I feel are acceptable without valid arguments.
  • Protection from Evil
  • Bless
  • Harm Evil
These are what I call absolutely basic spells. They are the foundation to the rest of your spell repertoire. There are other spells that I consider a must personally, but I can see arguments for going without. Also your choices will be dependent on your developing skills (lousy skill = DO NOT GET) and playing style.