Holy Defense

Protection from Evil (PFE)
Description: This is a defensive spell that protects against the Undead. It also protects against magic such as Necromancy, Sorcery and others used by cursed or undead things as well as Holy magic users. Can be cast at the cleric's group.
Comments: I consider this a necessary spell. :) The defensive properties will improve with skill, I imagine. It is one of the basic spells available to young clerics which can be used for training without requiring a critter/corpse present.
           It is more difficult to cast at a group than it is to cast on just one person. A nice spell that grows with your skill.
Usage: Min prep is 1. Stackable up to around 30 minutes, give or take. For group casting, prep the spell and <cast group>.
Needed for: Minor Physical Protection, Major Physical Protection, Benediction, Confound Enemies

Minor Physical Protection (MPP)
Description: Enhances a person's parry and shield skills.
Comments: Good spell. I recommend it to any aspiring battle cleric. A good complement with Major Physical Protection. If you are a young cleric, this spell may not be so effective due to duration limitations. Be assured that with increased skill, this spell will be a useful tool in a clerical magic repertoire.
Usage: Min prep is 5.
Needed for: Major Physical Protection, Benediction
Pre-reqs: Protection From Evil

Major Physical Protection (MaPP)
Description: Enhances a person's evasion skill. It can be cast at a group, but the group members will have to stay close to the cleric for the spell to work.
Comments: Pretty much the same opinion with Minor Physical Protection. It will be, of course, harder to cast than the previous spell, but no less useful.
Usage: Min prep is 15. Automatically casts on the group if there is a group present.
Needed for: Benediction
Pre-reqs: circle 15, Minor Physical Protection, Protection From Evil

Description: Enhances certain stats so that you will be physically more powerful.
Comments: Unless your skill is way above that of a 30th circle cleric, I don't recommend getting this spell very early. It is not an easy spell to cast. My recommendation is to wait until 40th circle at the very least to get it...but I say that with some reservation. Preferably get this spell later.
           Depending on your Primary Magic, benediction will affect your reflex, strength, and agility. Reflex enhancement is the first to become available, and as your skill increases, strength and followed later by agility will be affected. A nice spell but not one I would use often at first. But as your magic skill improves and it becomes easier to cast it for a longer period of time, it's a very, very nice spell.
Usage: Min prep is 5. Cast by specifying your deity of choice.
Pre-reqs: circle 30, Major Physical Protection, Minor Physical Protection, Bless, Protection From Evil

Confound Enemies (CoE)
Description: This spell will make it harder for ranged attacks, such as targeted magic, thrown weapon, and bow attacks, to hit you.
Comments: Since critter magic is partially offline, I'm not too sure how well it works. Also at the time of writing this, the spell does not protect against thrown and bow weapon attacks yet. I'll try to get more info about this from the clerics who have had a chance to test it though.
Usage: Held mana spell. I'm not fond of such spells on their own. I firmly believe held mana spells are best used with Osrel Meraud. When not used with Osrel Meraud, I feel that the risk of nerve damage from harnessing too much for too long, as well as the problem of losing the spell if you cast another spell is too much of an inconvenience to bear using alone.
Pre-reqs: circle 15, Protection From Evil

Description: This spell creates a wall of light that can shove enemies at pole or melee range away from you. The results vary from shoving them away, making causing them to fall, knocking them unconscious, to tossing them into the next room. Undead can be damaged by this spell.
Comments: Your first cast of the spell is the most important as it will determine the strength of the spell. You will probably need to cast a few more times to add mana to the spell so that it can function, and to increase the duration of the spell. When activated, it will probably drain a lot of the spell's power. Duration is significantly decreased when spell is activated. Duration will slowly diminish over time if not activated. Once it reaches a certain level, you will need to cast some more if you want the spell to work. Your TM skill will affect how effective Halo is.
           A held mana spell that works with Osrel Meraud. FIRST Halo cast must be prepped to your maximum limit without the use of a cambrinth or harnessed mana. Very effective when used with OM, as you can control the activation of Halo. As a regularly cast spell, you have no control over the spell's activation. You will need to recharge the OM orb or recast Halo (if you're doing a regular Halo) after some time have past to keep the spell active. When it comes to using OM, the use of a cambrinth to add strength to your Halo prep will be ineffective. OM will base the strength of Halo on the prep alone.
Usage: Min prep is 12. When used with OM: touch the orb in the usual fashion to weave the spell into its matrix. <TURN> the orb to the Halo spell, and invoke to activate it.
Pre-reqs: Shield of Light