Holy Enchantments

Description: Used to render profane objects sacred (what? where?!). Mostly, it is used to bless weapons, and make holy water.
Comments: If anything had to be the number one spell, I would choose this spell. Not because it is outstanding all on its own, but because it is the pre-requisite of the most number of spells. Gosh darnit, it's also very useful! You also use it to bless your sticks or limbs for bead carving.
           It used to be that you only need to be able to cast 16 mana to get 100 strikes. No longer is this the case. You need more mana for more strikes, but the good part is that you can get more than 100 strikes with enough skill.
Usage: Min prep is 3.
Needed for: Divine Radiance, Harm Evil, Uncurse, Osrel Meraud, Shield of Light, Malediction, Benediction, Revelation, Huldah's Pall, Hand of Tenemlor

Harm Evil (HE)
Description: A targeted magic spell that harms undead, demonic or cursed things. Works on the Dark God's minions too.
Comments: Currently, the one and only ultimate TM training spell for a cleric. Although some people are grouchy that it's not as easy to one-hit kill critters anymore, I think it's an excellent spell for fighting undead. You need this spell if you intend to train TM seriously.
Usage: Min prep is 5. It is best to target the critter before casting if your skill is not sufficient to snap cast. You can also target a critter's specific body part, but the accuracy of the hit will depend on your skills vs the critter's abilities.
Pre-reqs: Divine Radiance, Bless

Description: This spell can temporarily or permanently remove a curse on an object, person or critter. It can be self cast, but the difficulty is increased.
Comments: I think this is a really useful spell, though others may disagree. It does exactly what it is supposed to do. It can be used to remove regular curses, and curses like Malediction, Huldah's Pall, and mimes... Curses that happen by the use of verbs like THUMP or CURSE are NOT considered actual curses.
Usage: Min prep is 10, but depending on the type of curse, more will probably be required.
Needed for: Malediction, Huldah's Pall
Pre-reqs: circle 10, Bless

Divine Radiance (DR)
Description: Much more outstanding in its new form, this spell works as a light source and when used as a targeted spell, it will unbalance your opponent. Against undead, it can damage them as well.
Comments: Very, very much a nice and highly useful spell. Definitely get this. It won't harm non-undead/cursed/demonic/etc. types. This is one of my favorite spells which I use to unbalance slightly harder critters to improve my attack damage.
Usage:Min prep is 1. As a targeted attack, you will get better results if you <target> your opponent before casting.
Needed for: Harm Evil, Osrel Meraud, Revelation
Pre-reqs: Bless

Osrel Meraud (OM)
Description: It is a spell which creates a reservoir of mana that floats after you and will hold certain spells for you, leaving you free to cast other spells.
Comments: My most favorite cleric spell!! One of the best Cleric spells ever due to its variety of uses. You can incorporate Centering, Shield of Light, Confound Enemies, Halo and Resurrection with the OM orb. This is what makes held mana spells worthwhile in my opinion. With OM, you can keep a held mana spell going and still be free to cast other spells. When in use, the orb needs to be recharged with mana every now and then because the orb will feed off the mana inside the orb rather than from your own harnessed energy.
           It is also a very nice verby and pretty spell. Depending on your skills, your orb size and the total mana you can pump into it will vary. Your prep will have no effect. Also skill based, is your ability to add 1 or more of the mentioned spells into the orb. Centering is the easiest to weave into the orb. Halo is currently the hardest.
Usage: Min prep is 3, you can use a cambrinth to add more mana. You need an unfilled favor orb from Meraud, Firulf or Kerenhappuch. Prep your spell, and cast on the favor orb to create the Orb and also to add more mana into the orb. To weave other spells into the orb: Prep the spell, wait for full preparation, then <Touch> the orb. <Turn> the orb to attune your orb to one particular spell if you have more than 1. <Break> the orb to release any spells you have weaved into it. (the use of turn will pick the one spell, and break would then release that particular spell instead of all the spells other than OM). <release> the orb to release the OM spell. <spell briefmsg on/off> to toggle the orb messaging.
Pre-reqs: circle 20, Divine Radiance, Bless

Description: This spell will curse your opponent's defensive and/or offensive skills. There is a chance of failure which can cause you to be cursed instead.
Comments: Love this spell. If you choose to curse both offense and defense, it will be less effective than just cursing one. Like most spells which have a min circle req, I do not recommend this spell for circle 15. Maybe around the magical equivalent of 20th or more, this spell would be good. Degree of curse will vary with your skills and also the amount you cast.
Usage: Min prep is 5. <cast target> to curse both abilities, or <cast off/def> for a specific curse. Once an opponent is cursed, he/she/it cannot be cursed additionally with a different malediction.
Pre-reqs: circle 15, Uncurse, Bless

Shield of Light (SoL)
Description: It creates a blessed shield comprised of light. You will block undead or cursed attacks better with this shield.
Comments: I like this spell only with the use of OM. I mentioned my reasons in my comments about Confound Enemies. This is a nice spell if you don't like to be burdened with an actual shield, and there's slightly less hinderance using this spell.
Usage: Held mana spell. Needs at least 5 mana harnessed. Infuse can help boost this spell.
Needed for: Halo
Pre-reqs: Divine Radiance, Bless

Curse of Zachriedek (CoZ)
Description: Basically it weakens your enemy's weapon or armor or both. Uncurse can be used to remove the spell.
Comments: Only minor changes to this spell that I can tell. It still can turn the armor and weapon into very very weak items, I believe. Changes appear to be made to the uncurse spell: harder to remove the curse and when successfully uncursed will totally remove the spell, instead of just the "can't drop weapon or remove armor" curse. It is good for combat against armored and weapon-wielding enemies, especially heavy plate wearing types. *grin* However, if you have a tendency to fight critters you can deal easily with or which don't wear armor or wield weapons, you might want to give this spell a miss.
Usage: Min prep for the spell is 8.
Pre-reqs: Uncurse, Bless

Persistence of Mana (PoM)
Description: A spell enhances your harness pool higher than it normally is. Makes your harness pool larger. Oh did I mention it also eats up parts of your concentration, a factor which can affect your casting effectiveness later? *grin*
Comments: Seems like a nice spell. Am still trying to understand it. Not a spell I recommend for the young to intermediate cleric. Definitely not a spell to be cast during battle. It stuns you for a quite a bit. You need to be kneeling or sitting to cast the spell, and have nothing in your hands. How much mana you can stuff into the spell will affect your enhancement level. To tell how well it enhanced your mana, check your mana level when it is full again and see what the messaging says. (higher is better than abnormally greater).
           I had this snazzy little theory to hypothesize how much % increase we get to our harness points boost, but I had it shot down after my two magic mentors (Smegul and Sarambor) explained how some of my assumptions were oh-so-wrong. *grin*
           Anyway, one theory by Sarambor is to cast a spell that takes up about half your harness...then cast pom...wait for full mana recovery and fully enhanced mana level. Then cast the same first spell again at the same prep. Compare the difference of how much harness is left. You can come up with an exact number of how much harness points extra you have (barring -/+ 4 mana error) if you know what you're doing...which I don't.
           This theory is based on the assumption that the old system for harness calculation is still the same (Thanks, Sarambor): You start with a base of 100 harness, and for every 10 ranks of harness, you get an additional 1 harness point. Other factors such as room, skill level, etc should remain the same during testing to prevent major errors.
           Smegul has a different theory, but I can't say what it is until he gives me permission to quote him. :)
Usage: Self-cast. minimum prep should be at least 5, but you should try for higher since the spell will end before you get out of your stun.
Pre-reqs: Osrel Meraud, Divine Radiance, Bless

Hand of Tenemlor (HoT)
Description: It's a Targeted Magic spell! Yay! Works on the living, corporeal undead and spirit undead.
Comments: Sorry! I haven't tested this spell. The major benefit of this spell is that it's the first decent cleric spell since the magic review that can hurt the living. It doesn't pack the punch of Harm Evil, but then again, Harm Evil doesn't hurt living stuff. From the sounds of it, it's a decent spell for mid-range clerics who prefer not to spend all their time chasing ghosts.
Usage: Min prep 4. Target, cast.
Pre-reqs: Bless