Divine Intervention

Aesrela Everild (AE)
Description: Bolts of holy flame come streaking down from the sky to (hopefully) hit your opponent. Quite a lovely show. It eats up your spirit health each time you cast. (Remember: If your spirit health goes bye bye, you go bye bye too)
Comments: Not what I'd consider a training spell. It actually worked quite well for me when I used it. This spell requires a LOT of mana to pull it off well. You need to think about whether it will suit you. Might prove useful during invasions if you have the skill to pull it off...and if you can find a very good holy mana spot to camp out in. <wink>.
           Your targeted magic skill, among other factors, will determine how well and hard you hit your victim. The more mana you use will affect how much your spirit health will be used, so be careful.
Usage: Min prep 20!! I almost passed out when I found out. However, if you want to see effective results, you'd be well advised to use more than the min. Probably when your skill is really up there, you might do well with the min prep only, but if your skill is up there, you wouldn't be reading this! :)
Pre-reqs: circle 20, Divine Radiance, Vigil, Rejuvenation

Description: This spell reveals the spiritual aura of any person hidden in the area. If the hidden person's hidden aura can be discovered, then Vigil can be used on that person.
Comments: I rather like this spell because it reveals spiritual auras in a variety of colors. (I'm a wispy red aura, by the way) Not sure if the auras change color, or what determines the aura color of a person. No skill or stat has been positively linked to the aura color yet as far as I know.
           The spell was not meant to be long-lasting as far as I can tell. It's a lot more useful that its previous form, but still not particularly outstanding. Your perception skill will determine if you can point hiders out, but heck, you can just <SEARCH> for them. Ahem, a certain shadowy profession can disguise their exact identity using certain shadowy abilities that this cleric doesn't know about (of course <wink>), but their spiritual aura colors will still be seen.  At least one cleric spell can be cast on hiders discovered by the spell that I know of.
Usage: Min prep is 9. There's a roundtime after casting when the spell takes effect.
Pre-reqs: Divine Radiance

Huldah's Pall (HulP)
Description: This spell will prevent the victim from casting any spell. It affects the victim's ability to channel mana. Be sure to cast on a victim who can actually cast spells or you will end up being the one who is cursed.
Comments: Nice spell. I can envision this being useful in hunting creatures who cast nasty spells...Be aware though, your skill and certain stat factors vs your opponent's will be taken into account on whether the spell cast is effective. If you fail to cast it on your opponent, others will not see who your target was as they will only see that you tried to cast the spell.
Usage: Min prep is 10, but unless you're skilled, you should cast higher.
Pre-reqs: Uncurse

Glythide's Gift (GG - scroll spell)
Description: Want to be a walking bar? This spell provides alcoholic beverages wherever you have mana available!
Comments: It's a useless spell as far as actually enhancing the cleric guild. However, there's something fun about having drinks available whenever you want. :) Beware of some drinks though, they taste icky. It is a scroll only spell...which (according to development plans) can be perma-learned at the cost of TDPs and a spell slot.
Usage: Min prep is 3.

Resurrection (Rezz)
Description: Does this spell even need to be explained? It raises the dead! Nuff said. Achieved after successfully completing complicated, pain in the rear but definitely challenging quest. Your experience may vary from mine since I undertook the quest when a gazillion others were doing the same. If you're a young cleric, I recommend you bring one or two very much older people with you to protect you or help you through obstacles. Don't go in a large group. Unless you're a very high-level cleric, don't bother to attack anything.
Comments: Highly coveted spell by many dead people. :) It's an interesting spell that's tricky to figure out unless you have experienced friends who will tell you what to do step by step. Please make sure the deader is healed of bleeders because I've watched a few people die from bleeders that couldn't be healed right away. I was told that it's possible not to instantly die from bleeders when raised. However, it's believed that this is due to the clerics' skill and status in the guild. If you're a high-level cleric, you could raise someone with their vitality restored (or maybe bleeding staunched?). Not certain what status you need to be for this perk to come into play. There are some small bonuses to raising that you will have to find out for yourself. (Thanks for the info, Entyycement!)
Usage: I'm going to be a bit cryptic. Deader should be rejuved and soul bonded. Resurrection is a held mana spell and requires infuse to work. You need to continue to infuse while holding the necessary mana until you see the deader's soul. (This can take awhile depending on a number of factors.) REMEMBER: Soul bond needs to be in place when this happens. Then...you figure the rest out. :P
Vigil, Rejuvenation, Soul Bond, Infusion, min. 30th circle.

Murrula's Flames (MF)
Description: This is the self-resurrection/depart spell for clerics. Achieved after completing a time-consuming, highly involved quest. I enjoyed this quest a lot. Doesn't have to completed right away. You go to see some cleric guy in the Tiger Clan Church to ask about the spell and get your quest. If I'm not mistaken, you have 3 months to complete it. After that, you will have to go back to the cleric guy and ask for the quest again.
Comments: It's not a very, very useful spell. This won't be a good spell for too many clerics. Cons - You lose a favor. Critical wounds are reduced to just enough not to instantly kill you. Benefits - Bleeders are temporarily staunched giving you time to run for healing. You don't have to dig your grave. No lost ranks. Note: If critters are around when you are fully "reborn", you should run. This spell is useful for clerics who hunt in hard-to-get-to areas where help is difficult to find, or find it difficult to get back to the grave after departing due to risks of running naked through a very dangerous hunting ground. Also good for clerics have a lot of inventory and want to avoid the headache of digging out their graves, when there's no paladins around.
Usage: Min prep 8. Find out your maximum prep level and keep casting. Over and over. This may take a long time. I recommend casting with aid from cambrinths. I'm told that an extremely long time is best if you want your spell to last as long as possible. (Thanks, Lagerby!)
Pre-reqs: (From GM Heiu) Min. 50th level, Resurrection, free spell slow, and other factors that affect when you qualify for the spell include but are not limited to PM, Harness, MD and Scholarship skill, number and types of spells you know, devotion level and your level.