Spirit Manipulation

Description: Restores a corpse's lost memories. When memories are fully restored, the corpse will sense that his/her memories are protected or secure. Others will see a thin silver nimbus surrounding the corpse.
Comments: It does exactly what the spell is meant to do. Skill and the amount of mana used for casting will determine how much memories are restored. After the memories are restored, continuous casting will strengthen the duration before the memories begin to decay again. I recommend getting this spell mostly because Vigil is a good spell and Rejuvenation is its pre-req.
Usage: Min prep is 5.
Needed for: Vigil, Soul Bonding, Centering, Aesrela Everild
Pre-reqs: circle 2

Description: This spell will help enhance your spirit health, as well as aid in faster recovery should your spirit health be suffering. It can also be used to form a spriritual conduit between yourself and another person so that if one party is suffering from a weak spirit, the stronger party will lend some of his/her spirit to aid in its recovery.
Comments: Useful spell, especially for stuff that can attack or weaken a person's spirit health. No spirit = dead and fast decay (autodepart)! When cast on a corpse, you can sustain the corpse's decay time, also you can rejuve or soul bond the corpse even if you're not in the same room.
Usage: Min prep is 6.
Needed for: Soul Bond, Centering, Aesrela Everild
Pre-reqs: Rejuvenation

Soul Bonding (SB)
Description: Joins the dead spirit to the corpse so that Resurrection can be performed. Prevents the spirit from being separated from the body.
Comments: The spell is of relatively short duration. For raising a deader, it's usually best if the raising cleric can work fast. If not, it's a good idea for the raising cleric to have another cleric standing by to re-cast soul bond if it slips.
Usage: Min prep is 10
Pre-reqs: Vigil, Rejuvenation

Description: It allows you to regain lost balance.
Comments: This is an okay spell. If you're off-balance, the spell will help you get back to solid balance. No more, no less. Good to use if you're always getting hit off balance in combat. Also good for when you get stunned so you can (hopefully) retreat after the stun wears off. Being off-balance will make retreating difficult or even impossible. I prefer to use this spell with Osrel Meraud.
Usage: Held mana spell. Min of 4 mana harnessed.
Pre-reqs: Vigil, Rejuvenation