Looking for Favor Altars

Important Note: Many thanks to Kalira who contributed this list of altars. Without her help, this list would take years to create. There are a lot more altars available in all the provinces now, but I haven't taken the time to find out where. Try your luck.


  • Eylhaar's altar - Temple in Zaulfung Swamp
Therengaria and Langenfirth
  • Chadatru's altar - Theren Keep
  • Firulf's altar - Gealeranendae College
  • Kuniyo's altar - near Langenfirth


  • Kerenhappuch's altar - past West Gate
  • Hav'roth's altar - Hav'roth Temple
  • Unknown - Construct, Golden Heights
Leth Deriel
  • Murrula's altar - Kilth Aldiyaus
  • Asketi's altar - Hodierna's Temple, Third tier
  • Berengaria's altar - Hodierna's Temple, Third tier
  • Chadatru's altar - Chadatru's Temple, Third tier
  • Damaris' altar - Damaris' Temple, Third tier
  • Eluned's altar - Eluned's Temple, Third tier
  • Everild's altar - Everild's Temple, Third tier
  • Hav'roth's altar - Hav'roth's shrine, First tier
  • Hodierna's altar - Hodierna's Temple, Third tier
  • Glythtide's altar - Glythtide's Temple, Third tier
Aesry Surlaenis'a
  • Lemicus' altar - Halasa Temple
  • Meraud's altar - Cleric Guild
  • Murrula's altar - altar near Cleric Guild (where you used to get the easy favors)
  • Idon's altar - Aesry morgue
  • Trothfang's altar - Wilderness altar
Mer'kresh and M'riss
  • Kuniyo's altar - Niche Altar, M'riss
  • Eylhaar's altar - Carillon altar, Mer'kresh
This is an incomplete list. Any contributions will be most welcome...as running around confirming/testing a list of favor altars isn't really a pasttime that I am willing to allocate time for. :)

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