A Look at Favor Systems in DragonRealms

You may not know this: there is more than 1 favor system in Elanthia to this date. There's the old way of obtaining favors, which every first-time player will undoubtably encounter, and then there's the new way, which most people (including myself) aren't too familiar with. Oh, there's also a semi-obsolete way of getting favors as well.

The Semi-Obsolete aka Cheap Favor System
There used to be an easy way to get favors (on Aesry, and at Therenborough) simply by praying and waiting. This is no longer possible.

In the past, you could get up to 6 favors this way without any sacrifice. This feature has since been removed from the general Elanthian areas with the advent of the New Favor System. This way of getting favors can still be found on major pay-quests, such as Return to Taisidon, and so forth.

The Original Favor System
This system (OFS) can be found in the following areas:
- Crossing
- Shard
- Riverhaven

Favor orbs from the OFS can only be obtained from the 13 Neutral Aspects of the Immortals, or the "Main" Gods. The method of getting orbs from here can take longer if you already have a significant number of favors already. There's also a great deal of repetition involved if you have many favors.

This has been the most common method of obtaining favors. It is fairly simple, and offers novices their very first involved quest.

The Alternative Favor System
This system (AFS) can be found in the following areas:
- Therenborough and Langenfirth
- Qi'Reshalia province
- Other territories like Muspar'i and Horse Clan.
- Possibly, new area expansions to current areas.


Check out the altars of your favored deity to see if it's an AFS special altar! A very incomplete list of the location of some favor altars is just to give you an idea.

Favor orbs from these areas, ideally, can be obtained from any of the 39 aspects of the Immortals. There is a little more involved with the AFS. It's not as easy as going to one general spot and trying to get an orb from any of the gods.

First, you have to seek out the altar dedicated to the specific god you want your favor orb from. Then, you have to place an offering on the altar. Pray before the altar, and if the god is appeased, you will receive a favor orb from your chosen deity.

Now, I'm sure you're wondering what type of offering. It should be something that relates to the god you're seeking the favor from. I'll let you figure that out yourself. Don't offer anything you're not willing to lose. Neutral and Light gods can be easily appeased by simple offerings. Dark Gods require more thought in offerings. You should read the text about specific Dark Gods carefully and use that as a clue of the kind of offering Dark Gods like.

As DragonRealms develops, and Elanthia expands with new territories found, more favor altars can be found. It is all up to you to explore and discover them! (And hopefully email me to let me know!)

Good Luck!

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