Holy Enchantments Book

Pre-reqs: none
Description: Makes an item sacred.
Comments: Used on weapons to hunt undead, creating holy water, and making sticks or limbs sacred. This is a must have spell for all clerics since it is a pre-req pretty much for every decent spell that a cleric has. Heh.
Needed for: Every spell in this book. Also, Shield of Light, Soul Attrition, Confound Enemies, Hand of Tenemlor, Curse of Zachriedek, Osrel Meraud.
Usage: When you are able to pump 17 mana into a bless, you will have reached the maximum limit for weapon strikes, which is 100 strikes. You can [perceive weapon] to see how many strikes it has, but be forewarned, perceiving blessed weapons will cost a little bit of devotion.

Harm Evil (HE)
Pre-reqs: Bless
Description: Hurts undead and evil things.
Comments: This is currently the only effective (in terms of training and damage) Targetted Magic cleric spell. It only works on undead and evil creatures.
Needed for: Uncurse, Phelim's Sanction, Malediction, Soul Attrition, Hand of Tenemlor.

Pre-reqs: Harm Evil
Description: Temporarily or permanently breaks a curse on an item. It can also remove a curse on a person.
Comments: A useful spell. I use it often to demime people who failed to properly disarm mime traps. It's also used to aid in the removal of brand. Occasionally, someone gives me a cursed gem. Uncurse comes in handy here.
Usage: Uncursing mimes take exactly 30 mana. I forget what uncursing gems take, and I usually pump about 25 mana into that.

Divine Radiance (DR)
Pre-reqs: Bless
Description: A holy light source with you as the lamp. When cast on a creature, there's a possibility of making it lose balance.
Comments: It has the shortest full prep time of all our spells, I think. As for the disorienting the creature, it seems to take a lot of mana, and probably not really worth it, but that's just my opinion.
Needed for: Revelation, Confound Enemies, Shield of Light.

Phelim's Sanction (PS)
Pre-reqs: Harm Evil
Description: Harms all the undead in your area. Zaps your harness.
Comments: With the cost of casting, this spell does not appear to have satisfactory results.
Usage: Charge some cambrinth(s), the extra mana could help.

Pre-reqs: Divine Radiance
Description: Supposedly identifies the people who are invisible.
Comments: The official description vastly exaggerates the usefulness of this spell. It is not useful at all. Avoid it at all cost.

Faenella's Fire (FF)
Pre-reqs: Bless
Description: Helps you brawl better against the undead and evil.
Comments: This can be a good spell, if brawling is one of your favorite hunting styles. Otherwise, forget it.
Usage: Dip a holy feather in holy water and [mark] the person who you want the spell to work on.

Pre-reqs: Harm Evil, 30th circle
Description: Casts a curse on the enemy's offensive and defensive skills.
Comments: Awesome spell. This is a spell where it helps if you have good magic skills. The more skill you have, the better the curse. With 300 PM, you can make the critter fall to its knees.
Usage: Most recommend prepping at 12 or 13, then harnessing extra mana. Or you can just prep really high and waste some of your harness.

Pre-reqs: Bless, 30th circle
Description: Casts a blessing on yourself which can enhance your reflex, strength, and agility. Devotion counts here, folks.
Comments: This is definitely not a spell for the young. It is a good magic trainer though. You will not get all 3 stats enhanced if you don't have the necessary PM skill, i.e. you could get 1 stat enhanced while the others are unchanged. At lower levels, this spell doesn't last too long, even at the higher level, it isn't really long enough. Still, it's a great spell.
Usage: You will notice a difference between casting benediction with 250 PM and less than 250 PM. I'll let you find out what significant change occurs with even more PM. This is a high level spell, do not expect super results at 30th...or even 40th.

Rings of Blessing (Scroll Only)
Pre-reqs: Bless
Description: An expanded version of blessing weapons. When cast, all the people in your group holding weapons in their hands will have their weapons blessed.
Comments: Nice spell. With enough skill, you can get more than 100 strikes per weapon.