Spirit Manipulation Book

Pre-reqs: None.
Description: Restores a corpse's lost memories (ranks).
Needed for: Spirit Healing, Soul Bond, Spirit Beacon, Centering, Soul Attrition, Persistence of Memory, Triple rejuvenation, Mass rejuvenation, Multiple Persistence of Memory.

Spirit Healing (SH)
Pre-reqs: Rejuvenation
Description: Restores lost spirit, allowing a person to recover from spirit draining attacks. It also buys more time for a corpse so it does not decay as fast.
Comments: Not so much a comment on the spell, but a lot of people fail to realize that dangerously low spirit health can kill you. If you die from a spirit death, your decay time is cut down considerably. You could have just a few minutes before you automatically depart.
Needed for: Soul Bond, Spirit Beacon, Persistence of Memory, Centering, Soul Attrition, Multiple Persistence of Memory.

Soul Bonding (SB)
Pre-reqs: Spirit Healing
Description: Joins a soul to the corpse. Used only for raising.
Comments: Soul Bond must be cast on a body before resurrection can be done. Best to cast just before actual resurrection because Soul Bond (like most spells) has a time limit.
Needed for: Persistence of Memory, Multiple Persistence of Memory.

Persistence of Memory (POM)
Pre-reqs: Soul Bond
Description: Used to prevent memory loss. It does not restore lost memories, but can buy time so that the lost memories can be restored.
Comments: The more mana you can pump into the spell, the longer this spell will last.
Needed for: Multiple Persistence of Memory

Pre-reqs: be eligible for the quest
Description: Returns life to a body.
Comments: (my friend said this) "You cast it, and some poor idiot gets to go get killed again." Hehe... Though this spell does not actually take up a slot, it does "share" a spot with Soul Bond.
Usage: At the time of writing this out, the maximum effective prep is 25 mana. I usually prep 20 and harness 5.

Spirit Beacon (SB)
Pre-reqs: Spirit Healing
Description: Creates a beacon so that a Moon Mage from another place (usually really far away) can place a moonbeam beside the corpse. Allows the moonmage to then Teleport or open a MoonGate.
Comments: As described in the Official spell page, this spell was intended to be used as a tool for moonmages to bring help to the wounded or the dead. However, it is mostly used for transportation. There are some places where you cannot cast the spell; inside the Crossing Cleric's Guild is one of those places.

Pre-reqs: Spirit Healing
Description: Aids in maintaining your balance during combat.
Comments: A held mana spell. The best it restores your balance to is solid. It's not very useful to me since I rarely have problems with balance. This spell would have been most useful to me in stun situations, where my balance is immediately affected. Unfortunately, when you get stunned, you will lose the spell. Bah! However, used with Osrel Meraud, this spell could actually come in handy for me during those dire moments in combat.

Soul Attrition (SA)
Pre-reqs: Spirit Healing
Description: Weakens your spirit and your enemy's spirit for as long as you hold mana for it, until one of you is dead. It will mean bad news for you if you cast it on undead.
Comments: A held mana spell that kills spirit health. Basically it's the person with the most spirit health who wins. Currently, it appears that this spell is useless except for PvP. I believe that spirit health for critters (and characters) will be reevaluated someday, and this spell might have better usage.

Triple Rejuvenation (Scroll Only)
Pre-reqs: Rejuvenation
Description: An expanded version of Rejuvenation.
Comments: It appears to restore more memories with a single cast. I haven't personally tested it yet.

Mass Rejuvenation (Scroll Only)
Pre-reqs: Rejuvenation
Description: Another expanded version of Rejuvenation. This time it affects the entire room of corpses.
Comments: A held mana spell. I do not recommend it for clerics who have low harness skills. If you harness more than your skill allows you to, you will receive significant nerve damage. This spell also takes some of your spirit health. Try having another cleric restore your spirit while you are casting this spell.
Usage: Minimum harness is 13. I recommend harnessing more.

Multiple Persistence of Memory (Scroll Only)
Pre-reqs: Persistence of Memory
Description: An expanded version of POM. Area effect.
Comments: Nice little spell scroll that effects a room full of corpses. It is stackable.