Casting Spells 101

Our magic is based on the holy powers of the Gods. Holy magic is granted to us through our faith and devotion to the Immortals. With good power perception, a strong bond with the gods, and a little bit of skilled mana management, you should be able to handle yourself relatively well with clerical magic.

By the way, our devotion level affects some of the spells that we use. It is usually a good idea to keep a high level of devotion at all times. If your devotion is really bad, it could penalize your spellcasting, and you may not even be able to cast some spells.

Spell Books
I have included some comments and informational snippets for as many spells that I can. Some of these spells may contain information that could be considered spoilers. Enter at your Own Risk of Experimental Enjoyment. No guarantees of 100% accuracy. :)

This is meant to be used as a supplement to the Official DragonRealms Clerical Spells List and the Guild Leaders' explanation of each spell in the game.

Holy Defense
- Protection From Evil
- Multiple Protection From Evil
- Minor Physical Protection
- Kertigen's Will
- Shield of Light
- Major Physical Protection

Spirit Manipulation
- Rejuvenation
- Triple Rejuvenation
- Mass Rejuvenation
- Spirit Healing
- Soul Bond
- Persistence of Memory
- Multiple Persistence of Memory
- Resurrection
- Spirit Beacon
- Centering
- Soul Attrition

Holy Enchantments
- Bless
- Harm Evil
- Uncurse
- Divine Radiance
- Phelim's Sanction
- Revelation
- Faenella's Fire
- Malediction
- Benediction

Divine Intervention
- Aesrela Everild
- Confound Enemies
- Hand of Tenemlor
- Curse of Zachriedek
- Osrel Meraud
- Glythtide's Gift

Explanation of some magic terms
Stackable: Repeated casting of the same spell will add to the duration of the spell, instead of simply replacing it. (If not mentioned, assume this to mean that the spell in question is not stackable)
Held mana: This spell is cast by harnessing, and holding/maintaining the mana.

There have been many people who have shared their opinions with me and others. I could not have understood so many spells without the informative postings done in the Clerics' Guild Folders on the Message Boards (with a special thank you to Geoffin for his willingness to share his findings with the rest of the guild).

I'd like to take a moment to give a shout out to the people who throughout the years have patiently answered my many questions regarding spells I had little clue about, listened to my theories about each spell (supporting or denying various theories as needed), and were just there to help me out: Ssenkahdavic, Smegul, Janyl, Statis, Gembol, Gwyethein, Deagol, Starsha, and Sarambor. These are the people that I've often bugged on AIM and pestered till they caved in and helped me out. :) You've been wonderfully patient!

Also, special thank yous to Lagerby, Gabela, Shaelynn, Belulhe and Allyria. I'm sure I've left a number of people out, please don't feel offended. :)

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