Isth'hhtaw 'hhs Shhra'in

 Feb 4, 2005 - Surprise! I'm back...well almost. I have updated all the information 

[Unknown Spot, Secluded Clearing]
Polished stone arches and lushly blooming rose bushes encircle an opal-inlaid altar in the center of the clearing. An elegant statue of a S'kra Mur lass tilts a jade urn overflowing with water above a sparkling marble pool of clear water. A narrow path leading to the altar winds its way through a simple rock garden. Oddly-shaped rocks and boulders appear to be haphazardly placed amidst the golden sand, and yet you sense a deeper meaning can be divined from their placement.
Also here: Sorenne.
Obvious exits: out.
A warm and gentle breeze brushes past you, carrying with it the heady scent of wild roses.
Sorenne smiles in welcome.
Sorenne says, "Hello there. I see you found my little hiding spot away from the frenzy of Crossing. The Clerics' Guild can often be busy and stressful with all the corpses that get dragged in and the people crying out for help. Every now and then, I need to get away from it all and hear the sound of my own voice."
Sorenne grins.
Sorenne says, "I often write down my thoughts about life in Elanthia... but I can't remember offhand where I put all my journals. They're around here somewhere..."
Sorenne smiles sheepishly.
Sorenne says, "It's time for me to conduct my rituals to honor the Gods. Feel free to explore if you wish. I'll be around if you have any questions."
Sorenne waves.
Sorenne walks up the path towards the altar.
You hear a small rustling sound and turn in time to see a snake slither away from a slab of white stone hidden among the lush grass.
>l on slab
You look on the slab and see:

Rituals & Sacrifices: Cleric Related Information
What Every Cleric Needs

Holy Magic and Me
Honoring the Gods - Devotional Rituals
An In-Depth Look at Devotional Bead Carving
God-Given Blessings - Communes Galore!

Mixed Blessing: Raising the Dead
Wedding, Divorce & Sorenne's Services!

Street Smarts: Elanthian Style
Something every Elanthian needs to know.
Favors: The Route to Eternal Life!
(I cannot stress the above link enough. EVERY Elanthian needs to know how to get favors and why they're important if they want to continue living.)

Death, Resurrection and Departing
Things I Wish I Had Known Earlier

Guides: Elanthian Informational Resources
Naxela and Kilparity School of Dance
The Deal with Gwethdesuans
The Deal with Albredine Rings
A Guide to Assisted Weddings
The Elanthian Time (and RL comparisons)

An Elanthian Compendium of Fun Stuff
The Scents of Life!
Flora, Flora and More Flora! - Updated!

Runestones and Magic Things, Oh my!
Cambrinth Shops (brief list)

Life as a S'kra Mur
S'Kra Mur Verbs!

Coins for Dummies - A Moral

Links That Don't Fit Anywhere
Where to get everything you need to know
(Sorenne's Stamp of Approval: Links to favorite sites for DR information)

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